About Bear

Bear is a Drupal 7 Starter Kit Installation Profile. We are currently working on a Drupal 8 release. Bear is technically not a full Drupal distribution, and should not be considered as such. Bear was originally created as a bootstrapped starting point for Zivtech Drupal development projects, with helpful pre-configured modules, mission critical patches, and a base theme called Bear Skin.

There should be no need for you to ever update the Bear project itself once it has been installed. Individual contributed modules, libraries, and the Bear Skin theme can be updated as you normally would any other contributed projects after installation is complete. You should also feel free to update or disable any included features as needed.

Out of the box Bear is ready to start site building and development immediately on a fresh Drupal installation. Use the included modules and optimized settings to create new features as needed to suit your Drupal development projects. Use the Bear Skin base theme to build responsive modern Drupal sub-themes, or just use Bear Coat sub-theme to spin up a responsive Drupal site in a matter of minutes.